Fire Safety

Fire safety - why bother it won't happen to me ....

Building Control Regulations require that you obtain a fire safety certificate (FSC) and disabled access certificate (DAC) from the Local Authority before you start construction works.

Historically, up to 40 or 50 people died each year in Ireland as a result of fire, the vast majority in their own home. Thankfully, due to improved design and compliance with Standards, these numbers have reduced significantly. 

However, as a rule, 80% of businesses never re-open after a serious fire.

Building Regulations require minimum standards in regard to fire safety. With the investment you plan to make in the building why not ensure the fire safety is designed to comply with these minimum requirements.

If you are about to develop a building, (either new build, extension, material alteration or a change of use) then the law requires you to obtain a fire safety certificate before you start works.

As a well qualified and experienced fire safety professional, I can help you.