Why not make your building accessible for everyone?

Why is there an access problem now?

Most buildings tend to be designed by young, fit, healthy people for young, fit, healthy people.

Unfortunately not all of us are as young, fit and/or as healthy as we would like to be. 

Many of us have some impairment in our ability to move, to see, to hear, to understand. Often this may be a temporary condition, but for many it is permanent.

To cater for this reality, most building projects now require to be designed and constructed so as to be accessible and the facilities usable by a wider spectrum of the population. Designing the project in this fashion will improve the usability of the building for all occupants and is a significant improvement in design.

I can assist you by preparing the application for a Disability Access Certificate [DAC], which is issued by your Local Authority.

Mobility impaired?
Wear glasses? Hard of hearing?
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